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Club Polices

Crew Policies

Our policies are designed to take into account all the related safety, security and sound health requirements of not only US Rowing, but also the Montgomery County School System. We adhere to and require all active rowers to read, sign, and review these policies each year as required by law.

Your rower will need a completed and current physical to participate in the sport, and will need to pass a swim test as a novice. Whitman rowers are not required to go through the concussion pre-screening, only an acknowledgement of concussion risk that is required by the county for participation in other athletic pursuits.

Please review and print as needed, knowing that many of the consent and conduct forms are acknowledged and signed electronically during our online registration process.

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursements are granted according to our board approved reimbursement policy below. Families who believe they qualify can submit their requests by completing the reimbursement form below after reading the required qualify factors in the policy. The form is not fillable. You need to complete, print, scan and email your completed form directly to the Board President, Stephanie Proestel, or our Treasurer, Lou Fisher.

Other Important Policies

US Rowing SafeSport Handbook

Whitman Crew Coaches adhere to the strict guidelines and standards as put forth by US Rowing and their SafeSport Policy