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Dedication, heart and speed. Novice Women, Spring 2015

Dedication, Heart and Speed

Whitman Crew has a long tradition of great athletes that have rowed on behalf of the school for the past twenty-eight years. Your commitment in time, energy, focus, strategy and strength don't go unnoticed.

As our boats get faster, so does our collective intention to improve and succeed. This section of the Whitman Crew website is designed specifically to address rowers needs, at every level of our club. We have specific pages designed for Novice Rowers and Varsity Rowers alike.

Your first step in taking advantage of what we have to offer you is for you, as a Whitman Rower to become a member of SportsNgin, you'll find the Create an Account button in the left hand corner of above.

Throughout this section of the site you'll have the opportunity, on a password protected basis to interact with your teammates, post photos, share ideas and become as fast as possible this season.

Start of Spring Racing


Whitman Crew News

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Bad Weather/Day Off Policy

Practices will be moved from the river to land if the wind creates dangerous water conditions. If the coaches do not send out an email about a change of venue, you can rest assured that practice will take place at TBC as usual.

If there is a Half and Full Day Off from school the Whitman Crew Policy for practice is as follows:

Half days off: Practice as usual

Teacher Professional Days: Practice as usual

State and federal holidays: No practice unless otherwise determined by coaches