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Whether you're an established athlete or determined to get in great shape, Whitman Crew is the perfect sport for you! No experience is necessary - most high schoolers have never rowed before. All grade levels are welcome. With our excellent training program, you can be part of a team recognized for its successes on the local, state and national levels - and have a lot of fun along the way!

To Register
  • September Registration: all novice rowers must register in order to participate in the Fall Program.
  • February Registration: all novice and varsity rowers must register in order to participate in any and all Team activities during the full calendar year, including spring and November regattas.
Registration for the Fall Season Program is NOW OPEN: Register Now

NOTE: Registration closes Monday, September 14, 2015

Forms Please contact the Team Registrar if you have any questions.
Pay the Applicable Fees
Fall and spring program fees are due in September and February, respectively. Payment can be made either online via credit card, or by check delivered to the Team Registrar.

Capital Campaign Fund Contribution: All students intending to row during the Spring Program must pay a tax deductible Capital Campaign contribution by February 15th. Details will be posted as of December in Events.
Take the mandatory swim test administered in September or February.
The test includes swimming 100 meters, treading water for 5 minutes and putting on a life jacket while treading water. Dress code is shorts and t-shirt. Rowers only need to pass the test once - it remains valid for as long as the student is a member of the team. Details will be posted in September and February in Events.

Scholarships are available for families who feel that they cannot pay part or all of the rowing or regatta fees. Families who believe they qualify should submit the following form directly to the Board President.

Reimbursement Policy:

Reimbursements are granted according to Board approved policy. Families who believe they qualify should submit a request directly to the Board President and Treasurer.
All vital team information such as changes in schedule or practice locations, bus delays and regatta information is sent out via the team listservs. Parents and rowers must sign up in order to receive the emails. Here's how to join:

Varsity rowers and their parents:

Novice rowers and their parents:

When you ask to join, our moderator will accept you.

Once you become a member of the listserv, you will have access to our message archives.

Need help? Contact: Peter Nighswander,
Whitman Crew wishes to thank its very generous sponsors for their continued support!
Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and families for their support and generosity during our Spring 2015 season.

  • Mark and Cristiana Anderson
  • Violetta and Claude Athaide
  • Finn Backer
  • Kjell Backer
  • Tor Backer
  • David and Sue Cummings
  • Kathryn Gargurevich
  • Rupal Pinto and Tanuj Gupta
  • Jo-Ann and Tom Hoeppner
  • Shelley Synder and Mark Kaprelian
  • Karen Schliep and Alan McEwan
  • Virginia and William McEwan
  • Martha and Luis Mispireta
  • Janet Mose
  • William and Judith Munyon
  • Anh Nguyen
  • Stacy Okutani
  • Iris Sanchez
  • Suzanne Satterfield
  • Julia and Shurjo Sen
  • Mark and Kristin Shaffer
  • Joan Simon
  • Joel Simon and Joan Platt Simon
  • Linda Vietor
  • Dianne While
  • John and Wendy Wilson
  • Connie Yu
  • Mary and Sal Zambri
  • Catherine Zanetti