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Manny Flick Regatta (Tentative)
Mar 29, 2015
Regatta at St. Andrews School
Apr 4, 2015
Spring Break Training (VARSITY TEAM)
Apr 5, 2015 to Apr 11, 2015 
Spring Break Training (NOVICE TEAM)
Apr 6, 2015 to Apr 11, 2015 
Our rowers attend Walt Whitman High School, ranked among the top 50 public high schools nationwide. The school is located in the vibrant community of Bethesda, Maryland.

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Whitman Crew wishes to thank its very generous sponsors for their continued support!
Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and families for their support and generosity during our Spring 2015 season.

  • Mark and Cristiana Anderson
  • Violetta and Claude Athaide
  • Finn Backer
  • Kjell Backer
  • Tor Backer
  • David and Sue Cummings
  • Rupal Pinto and Tanuj Gupta
  • Jo-Ann and Tom Hoeppner
  • Shelley Synder and Mark Kaprelian
  • Janet Mose
  • Anh Nguyen
  • Stacy Okutani
  • Iris Sanchez
  • Julia and Shurjo Sen
  • Mark and Kristin Shaffer
  • Joan Simon
  • Joel Simon and Joan Platt Simon
  • Linda Vietor